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  • About Batho Pele Top Services

    Batho Pele Top Services combines world class Technology, process skills and expertise to meet the client's requirements round the clock assuring business as usual. Batho Pele Top Services located at the hub of Southern Africa's business community Johan-nesburg, South Africa, started its operations from January 2017. It initially started as MTN HR Solutions, which was soon changed to Batho Pele Top Services in July 2019, expanding its services from just HR services to more business processes.

    Batho Pele Top Services takes up outsourcing of processes that are enabled by Inform-ation Technology. These services span over diverse areas like finance, HR, administra-tion, health care and telecommunication, etc, and are provided from e-enabled locations.

    Batho Pele Top Services aims to provide the best experience to their clients through all its Business Outsourcing Processes solutions. Batho Pele Top Services is a pioneer in managing business processes for companies around the world. The company blends process expertise, information technology and analytical capabilities in diverse indus-tries to provide a broad range of services using its global delivery platform.

    Batho Pele Top Services is an IT-enabled, incorporated with the human touch and Busi-ness Process Outsourcing services provider, which provides integrated solutions, Customer Lifecycle, sales and outsourcing solutions to many of the local and Interna-tional companies in a wide range of industries including retail, insurance, mortgage, banking and financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, technology, travel and hospitality.

    We are a proud member of APSO
  • About APSO Federation of African Staffing Organizations

    The federation of staffing organizations (APSO) has, since inception in 1997, worked towards the professional and regulation of the labour recruitment industry in South Africa. Although APSO membership is voluntary, for the past three decades, all our members have subscribed to strict self- regulatory practices including,

    Full legal compliance

    Adherence to the comprehensive Code of Ethical & Professional Practice

    Professional certification of individual recruitment practitioners

    Continuous engagement with various key stakeholders, including SSETA, unions etc.

    As a member of the international Confederation of Private Employment Agencies (WEC), APSO is well positioned to ensure that global standards are achieved within the South African context. APSO Holds the Africa / near East seat on the WEC council and participates actively in various WEC initiatives.

    APSO currently has a membership base comprising more than 900 companies and individuals across South Africa. The scope of membership is vast and incorporates the large corporate players and small businesses (65% are SME). APSO members operate across the broad spectrum of the labour recruitment industry- permanent placements, executive search, ad response handling, temporary employment services, and outsourcing.

    APSO is also a founding member of the confederation of associations in the private Employment sector (CAPES) and is actively involved in lobbying and advocacy initiatives for the industry.